Epicor ERP Consulting Team & System Implementation Process

Epicor Implementation

We specialize in implementation services to smoothly and efficiently bring you to go-live launch. Implementation is one of our strongest core competencies.


With years of experience, we offer migration services to move you from any other ERP software to Epicor, making the process as smooth as possible.​

Epicor Upgrade services

We offer upgrade services to bring you from older versions of Vantage and Epicor to the newer versions that are available today.

Epicor Implementation Done Right

We are here to help you get the most out of your ERP System. Whether you are trying to implement, migrate, or upgrade your system, we can help! In the last 16 years, EpiCenter has provided unparalleled Epicor services to hundreds of companies, and have implemented over 150 systems. We are here to help you get the most out of your ERP system. Whether you are trying to implement, migrate or upgrade your system, we can help.

It is common knowledge that the most difficult and crucial challenge in ERP is the initial implementation.  We have a masterful team that will work with you every step of the way, to understand and interpret your needs, and steer you to the right path.

Epicor ERP is like a huge tool box with thousands of business tools.  Some of them you will recognize easily, and others you won’t, and may never have a need for.  Here’s the key point: If you bought a box of tools from a hardware store, and took out a torque wrench, and used it as a hammer, it will work well for you.  It has a nice heavy head, comfortable handle, and you may be happy.  However, 2 years from now if you need to use the torque wrench, it’s head will be smashed in and it won’t work properly.  That’s where we come in.  We know all of the Epicor tools, how to configure them to meet your needs, and prevent you from making long term strategic mistakes.

The 5 stages of Signature Methodology are critical to a successful business transformation

To make successful implementations happen, we call upon our years of expertise and we mirror Epicor ERP’s five stage signature implementation methodology augmented by some key strategies for your success. This allows EpiCenter to deploy your Epicor ERP solution on time and on budget, wherever needed.


During the sales process it is critical that we develop an understanding of your business to help you choose the right modules and additional products to meet your needs. This phase determines the initial modules and setup of our system. We spend time with each of your stakeholders, and help you define their key goals and requirements for your system and ensure that the software will meet or exceed your needs.


Once the high-level work is done, we do an impeccable job of researching and planning your implementation, including defining the scope of the project. Our written Strategic Process Review becomes the blueprint for the project, drives the budget, and ensures everyone is in agreement. This is also when your internal team and our consultants establish roles and build their synergy for this project.


This is the step where we setup your system with appropriate adjustments to meet your Strategic Process Review needs, along with training your team so they can carry this system forward. This is where ‘the rubber hits the road’ as we work together to assess all the details needed to achieve the scope of the project. Our Project Management Center captures all of the details and tracks them for the team.


The old days of running systems in parallel are gone. We validate your system design by running simulations of your processes in a test environment. This is done with your setup data as a dress rehearsal knows as a Conference Room Pilot. This is where user acceptance testing is done to ensure everyone is onboard, trained and understands how the system will work.


A properly done go-live should be a smooth event. Typically done over a weekend, a final physical inventory is taken and loaded. The ending data from your current software is moved as starting data in your Epicor software. Our team is onsite for the first few days of launch to ensure you enjoy all of the new additional benefits and efficiencies as well as help with any hurdles. Our team is also on hand to assist with your first month-end close.
Set Goals
Project Governance
Detailed Analysis and Evaluation
Collaborative Implementation
Continuous Improvement

Leading your business to success

Decisions made during the Epicor ERP implementation process have global system implications. A change in one area of the software does not necessarily affect only that area. Adhering to Epicor’s Signature Methodology ensures we do not encounter unintended consequences.

In order to have a successful implementation, you need to have the right people guiding you. That’s where we com in! Our staff of experts have experienced and overcome the difficult challenges that an ERP implementation can render.

In the middle of 2020, we achieved the milestone of 150 Epicor ERP implementations. Our projects ranged from 3 users to 3,000 users, from single sites to multi-site international companies. Our consulting experts are all former Epicor users and are able to configure every module and integration required. They have given EpiCenter an impeccable reputation in this area. We know how critical ERP implementations are and we have made this our top priority. When you choose EpiCenter, you choose the best.

Epicor Migration

Over the years, Epicor has made many important decisions as their software has evolved. In some cases, the basic underlying structure has changed which causes differences in the use of the data. If you are moving from Vantage (any version) to Epicor 10, there is no direct path. We understand the older versions and can structure a migration path to bring forward key data to the new software. If you are moving from a software other than Epicor, we can and do provide similar guidance and analysis.  
We provide ConnectWise support and consulting

Epicor Upgrade

Remaining current on your Epicor version is more and more important these days, as Epicor now limits their support of legacy versions. At the same time, if your system has been rigorously used, there are likely many BPM’s, integrations, and complexities that make the use of standard upgrade tools insufficient. We can help you remain current so your support levels will remain intact and all of your modifications remain intact.
Epicor Migration and upgrade


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