Epicor Kinetic ERP & Business Intelligence

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Epicor Business Intelligence goes to the core of our mission statement: To help our customers make better decisions. From the standard features of the Epicor Kinetic (formerly Epicor ERP) product plus industry leading data analysis applications, we employ all of the tools necessary to fully meet your needs. During your implementation we will create a partnership and concentrate on understanding your needs and key metrics to make your go-live a success!

Epicor Business Intelligence Tools:

Epicor Data Discovery

Epicor Data Discovery is a data visualization tool, optimized for handheld devices, to quickly analyze data from existing Epicor Business Activity Queries (BAQ’s)

Epicor XL Connect

Epicor XL Connect is a reporting utility nested in Microsoft Excel, allowing users to build real time connections between Epicor and Excel, all while working in Excel.

Epicor Electronic Reports

Epicor electronic reports are designed by the customer using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) allowing customers to access their information in their preferred format.

Epicor Data Analytics

Epicor Data Analytics are ‘live’ reports that change as the data changes, replacing static financial reporting.


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