Epicor Advisors and Wizards

04 Jan Epicor Advisors and Wizards

We can all use extra help in getting our jobs done–someone to counsel us. It could be advisors or those who can work their magic in our daily lives. In other words, wizards. The Epicor application has several built in Advisors and Wizards that can help your organization use Epicor and make important business decisions.


The Part Advisor will answer basic questions about a particular part. It’s easily accessible as a right click from the part identification number, and it will help your quoting and sales personnel uncover valuable information about parts they’re asked to quote or enter on sales orders.

What basic information can I see?  I can see the part identification, the description, type of part costing method, and other part features.

Have I quoted it before? I can retrieve all quote information for every customer each time I’ve quoted this part.

Have I sold it before? I can retrieve all sales order information–open and closed–and the linked quote information for each time I’ve sold this part.

Have I produced it before? I can retrieve all jobs and information about those jobs, along with job status–active or completed.

Do I have any on hand? I can view all warehouse and bin locations and see if the parts are allocated, in picking or on a transfer order.

Is it profitable? I can retrieve all invoices for this part. I can see the cost, price, a breakdown of the cost elements, and the percent of profit and loss.

The Purchase Advisor will help your procurement team answer questions about a particular part.  This information helps review material requirements when quoting parts or when purchase orders are entered. It’s accessible as a right click from the part identification number, and it is available in purchase order entry.

Have I purchased it before? All receipt lines display. There’s a button that allows access to the Purchase Order Tracker for the displayed receipt.

Do I have any on order? All order lines for this part are displayed, and I can go directly to the Purchase Order Tracker for each line.

Do I have any on hand? I can view all warehouse and bin information, the total demand for the part, and the quantity on hand.

Do I have any approved suppliers? Supplier information displays.

Do I have a supplier price list? All supplier price lists and price breaks display.

Do I have compliant suppliers? This sheet displays the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) compliant suppliers.

Do I have compliant parts? This sheet displays parts that have been marked as RoHS compliant in part maintenance and notes whether the part is RoHS compliant with respect to its restricted substance content.


Two wizards are available with the Supplier Relationship Management module: The Supplier Wizard and the Decision Wizard. They help you get quote information from your suppliers and maintain that information in your application.

The Supplier Wizard is a window used during the Request for Quote (RFQ) process. Use this window to select the RFQ line for which you wish to enter suppliers. The window is accessed by clicking the Supplier Wizard button from the RFQ > Line > Suppliers sheet in RFQ Entry. The Supplier Wizard has a supplier attribute group box that you can use to select suppliers with specific attributes that you desire for quoting.

The Decision Wizard is also used as part of the RFQ process. Use the RFQ Decision Wizard to determine which suppliers you want to consider for an RFQ. The wizard is launched from the RFQs Read sheet in the Buyer Workbench. To take action for one of the RFQs, select it in the grid, and click the Decision Wizard button.

The Order Job Wizard allows you to quickly create jobs for a sales order. This program will help you create either a job for the order line or a job suggestion that displays in the Planning Workbench.  The Order Job Wizard is accessed from Sales Order Entry Actions when the order has a shipping date and when the line release is marked Make Direct.

The Bin Setup Wizard will help you mass generate and create a large number of bins for a specified set of parameters. You identify the number of bins, the bin number format, and the maximum number of bins to generate. Clicking the commit button generates the bins and saves them to the Epicor application files. The Bin Setup Wizard is part of the Inventory Management module.

Several wizards can guide you through creating your customizations and are part of the Customization Tools Interface.  Some of the wizards available include:

Rule Wizard. The Rule Wizard lets you set up expressions for evaluating data for the fields on the selected form. You select the data view, field, and expression that will be evaluated. You can also set up actions for all the fields, like defining the field as a required field or displaying its text in bold format.

Sheet Wizard. Use this sheet to create a new custom sheet for the current program. This wizard lets you create a primary sheet that’s displayed when the program is launched, or a child sheet that is only displayed when a parent sheet is selected.

Form Event Wizard. This sheet lets you set up events that can occur on a form. You can set up events that trigger when a form is launched or closed, as well as events that occur just before or just after a field or a row is changed.

Events Wizard. You use the Events Wizard to link code or other actions to a custom button. The Event Wizard lets you define what will occur when this custom button is clicked by the user

You add a dashboard to a new sheet by using the Embedded Dashboard Panel Wizard. This wizard lets you find and select the dashboard you want to place within your new sheet. You can also use this wizard to indicate if the selected dashboard will publish (display) its data within another dashboard or subscribe (update) its data based on another dashboard.