Epicor Advantages of Cloud Deployment

03 Feb Epicor Advantages of Cloud Deployment

One of the key decisions made once you’ve decided to implement Epicor ERP is whether to have the application onsite or in the cloud. You’ll pick a solution that meets your business and technical needs.  Here are some of the benefits of a hosted cloud deployment.

Mobility. As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your application. Mobile professionals such as sales and service personnel can access your ERP remotely. You also have onsite personnel–shop floor and logistics–who need mobile access. This can be enabled through tablets and similar handheld devices. Moving to a cloud solution gives everyone real-time access to critical business data.

Cost. Upfront costs are typically lower, as you’re not investing in capital for servers and similar information technology structure. Hardware requires investment, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement expenses. You save on the direct and indirect costs of this infrastructure. With a subscription-based model, you save on capital costs and you improve cash flow. As maintenance is done by your provider, your IT department is freed from supporting the infrastructure and can focus on other strategic projects.

Scalability. You can add (and sometimes remove) users without investing in hardware. This flexibility is ideal for supporting fluctuating business cycles. As business conditions change, you can support an additional warehouse across town, a new sales office, or an additional production facility in another state. Hardware can be added for additional storage.

Security. Leading providers protect infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with redundant systems, intrusion protection, automatic backup, replication, and encryption. Security is comprehensive and holistic, anticipating and minimizing possible disruptions. A proactive approach to system performance and availability assures your uptime and peace of mind.

Should your Epicor environment be in the cloud? If you’re upgrading, replacing hardware, adding a location or adding remote employees, you should let us help you evaluate your options. Eventually everyone is moving to the cloud. You should consider it too.