EpiCenter Hires Epicor Expert Brian Whelan

14 Aug EpiCenter Hires Epicor Expert Brian Whelan

ERP, inventory, planning and scheduling make up Whelan’s wheelhouse.


Westfield, MA, August 14, 2017 – EpiCenter, a leading authorized partner of Epicor Software, announced today the hire of Epicor consultant Brian Whelan. In his new role, Whelan will support EpiCenter clients in maximizing their investment by making full use of Epicor software’s prodigious functionality.

Whelan has worked on multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations and has a thorough understanding of the entire process, from start to finish. He helps companies understand where the data comes from, where it’s going, and how it’s updating. Looking at the whole suite of production applications is his forte, as is planning and scheduling integration.

“Brian Whelan is a master scheduler and forecaster,” said EpiCenter President Jeffrey Glaze. “Earlier in his career, he worked for a company where 70% of their business was make-to-stock. They should have been using forecasting but weren’t. Whelan set up forecasting so they could build the right product at the right time and purchase the right materials. It changed the business and helped them a great deal. We’re excited to have him likewise assist our EpiCenter clients.”

For another former employer—a defense contractor—Whelan was an inventory planning specialist, responsible for ensuring material was available to support missile manufacturing. Production scheduling and creating synergies between departments was necessary to achieve all that.

“I enjoy a job that’s strategic, challenging, and dynamic,” said Whelan. “EpiCenter’s reputation precedes them. When others shy away from problems, they say ‘yes,’ roll up their sleeves and get it done. I’m excited to be here.”

About EpiCenter

A full-service, value-added reseller for Epicor, EpiCenter follows Epicor’s Signature Methodology along with industry-specific expertise from its extensive background in engineer-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturing and distribution. Offering tools acquired as a former manufacturer itself, EpiCenter assesses people and production needs first, and then translates those requirements to the software. Clients include companies in aerospace and defense, medical device, electronics and high tech, tool and die, rubber and plastics, fabricated metal, furniture and fixtures, energy, automotive, industrial machinery, firearms, biomedical, foam products, machine shops, and distribution. For more information, contact www.epicentererp.com.

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