05 Dec Enzymatics

Enzymatics gains inventory management and cost control.

Company Facts

Location: Beverly, MA

Industry: Biomedical

Website: www.enzymatics.com

Success Highlights

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Wanted to move from prototype into mainstream manufacturing.
  • Needed repeatability and quality controls to sell at lower price point.
  • Had to have inventory management to accomplish all this.


  • Epicor ERP & EpiCenter


  • Production costs are contained and company is experiencing huge growth.
  • The Epicor system, with EpiCenter’s help, is growing with the company to meet new requirements as they arise.

The Business Situation

Enzymatics was begun simply, with all records kept on Quickbooks. When it became clear the business had huge growth potential, they brought in Mike Nolan as General Manager and told him they wanted to move from prototype into mainstream manufacturing.

The Challenge

Mike knew that to move into the mainstream, Enzymatics had to drop product price. They needed an ERP to help them pull the hidden costs out of production and assist them in turning out high-quality work quickly and consistently at a lower price. They also needed to be able to forecast product availability for a purchase that wouldn’t be realized for eight weeks (the amount of time it takes to literally grow their product). Also, because the product is a living organism, yield varies with each batch. Mike was losing sleep over whether he would have enough product to meet demand.

The ERP Solution

Enzymatics considered four different ERP programs, one of which was Epicor. As their major competitor had done, they chose Epicor and it was “a good fit” but there were problems. Though Epicor assigned three consultants to the implementation, Mike wasn’t getting the level of attention he needed to get results in his short timetable. Epicor recommended EpiCenter.

Since Enzymatics had a small staff at the time, it was a daunting task to roll out a new ERP system but as Mike will tell you, “the sooner you do it, the better.” It forced them to write business processes, which helped them better understand their entire business.

EpiCenter’s Help

EpiCenter arrived and assessed Enzymatics situation quickly—not a small task, says Mike. EpiCenter’s experts calmed the situation and said, “these are the steps we’re going to take.” Enzymatics hit every project milestone and was able to go live in just four months.

“It was really remarkable what EpiCenter did for us. I don’t consider them a vendor; I consider them a partner and there are very few businesses I consider a partner.”  – Mike Nolan, Vice President Operations

Growth Potential

Enzymatics decided to add a new line to their operation—a kitting division that bundled their products together with those of other vendors to offer clients the ability to build their own product. They now had two distinct lines of business and needed the software to run those lines in parallel. With EpiCenter’s help, it did.

Just two years later, Enzymatics was part of an acquisition and it was decided the kitting operation would happen in a different state. EpiCenter helped split the businesses in the Epicor software, achieving in “no time” with no lost revenue.

And just recently, due to another acquisition and plant move, EpiCenter was called in to incorporate another entire operation into Epicor. Two consultants were assigned and in three months it was “up and running flawlessly.”

“The advantage EpiCenter has is attention to detail and an understanding of the processes. EpiCenter has done it. They get it and will coach you through it.” – Mike Nolan, Vice President Operations


Enzymatics is a fast-growing company in a fast-growing market. As Mike will tell you, he’s “not a patient person.” EpiCenter picked up on that quickly and brought in the amount of resources he needed to get the job done. Mike just couldn’t afford down time. Every dollar he spent with EpiCenter saved him five dollars on cost, he says.

“There’s a difference between price and cost.” – Mike Nolan, Vice President Operations

What mattered to Mike was who would listen to and understand his problems to help solve them quickly. He found the EpiCenter team had that mindset and knew how to keep him up and running.

Mike also required that there be limited “gates” in the system. He wanted control but didn’t want it to slow him down. Many people try to do everything in an ERP because they can, says Mike. The EpiCenter team knows to ask “is it necessary?” That makes them fantastic. They ask the right questions to determine what’s really needed in the ERP.

For Enzymatics, a company that grew rapidly from a startup to being an attractive candidate to be acquired by a publicly traded company in just four years, the growth has been enormous and the Epicor system has kept up, thanks to EpiCenter’s help.

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