Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Acronyms

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24 Feb Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Acronyms

AES Automated Export System

AFR Advanced Financial Reporting

AMM Advance Material Management

AP Accounts Payable

APM Advanced Print Management

APS Advanced Planning & Scheduling

AR Accounts Receivable

ATP Available to Promise

B2B Business to Business

B2C Business to Consumer

BAQ Business Activity Query

BI Business Intelligence

BOO Bill of Operations

BOM Bill of Materials

BPM Business Process Management

CAD Canadian Dollar

CAD Computer-Aided Design

CAM Customer Account Manager

CM Credit Memo

CMI Customer-Managed Inventory

COO Country of Origin

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CRP Conference Room Pilot

CTP Capable to Promise

DFMEA Design Failure Mode Evaluation & Analysis

DM Debit Memo

DMT Data Migration Tool

DMR Discrepant Material Request

EA Each

ECO Engineering Change Order

ECCN Export Control Classification Number

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EPM Enterprise Performance Management

EQA Enhanced Quality Assurance

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

EW Engineering Workbench

FIFO First In First Out

FOB Free on Board

FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

GL General Ledger

Go Live Begin transactions in production database

HCM Human Capital Management

H 100

HH Hand Held

HTS Harmonized Tariff Schedule

IM Inventory Management

IW Information Worker

KC Knowledge Camp

KM Knowledge Mentor

KO Kick Off

M 1000

MDPV Maximum Daily Production Value

MES Manufacturing Execution System

MFG Manufacturing

MOM Method of Manufacturing

MPS Master Production Schedule

MRB Material Review Board

MRP Material Requirements Planning

MSA Measurement System Analysis

MTL Material

NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement

OLAP Online Analytical Processing

PPAP Production Part Approval Process

PDM Product Data Management

PFMEA Process Failure Mode Evaluation & Analysis

PLM Product Lifecycle Management

PM Product Manager

PO Purchase Order

POC Proof of Concept

QA Quality Assurance

RFQ Request for Quote

RMA Return Material Authorization

RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances

SaaS Software as a Service

SCM Supply Chain Management

SMI Supplier Managed Inventory

SO Sales Order

SOA Sales Order Acknowledgement

SOX Sarbanes – Oxley

SRM Supplier Relationship Management

SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Structured Query Language

SUB Subcontract

T&E Time and Expense

TO Transfer Order

OTS One-Time Ship To

UAT User Acceptance Testing

UOM Unit of Measure

USD United States Dollar

VBA Visual Basic for Applications

WF Workflow

WF Workforce

YE Year End


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