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Tech Lights

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Managed Services

We Become Your Hybrid
IT & ERP Department 

All of your IT needs serviced with one vendor to give you consolidated structure & peace of mind

Whether it's acquiring hardware, software, or general help, this division hands it all. This ensures a cohesive IT strategy, where gaps of functionality, communication, or responsibility are prevented from the start.

Our IT Managed Services acts as your internal IT team, with our technical expertise applied to your overall IT infrastructure. Because a typical IT team doesn't have significant ERP competence, it's difficult to find one group who can handle overall IT and ERP admin. That's why we created one.

The most beneficial aspect is the fact that there isn't a need to have a collection of different IT vendors doing different things. By consolidating your IT setup, you eliminate staff costs, additional staff training, and become a leaner organization that still retains IT and ERP expertise.

Managed Services

 Optional Services

Off-Hours Support


Vendor Management & Interface

Advanced Backup (BCDR)

Recovery Not Included


Advanced Monitoring Network Devices

Fail Over

Cost Based on How Long Until Available

O365 Backup & Advanced Services

Server & Workstation Software Management

Software Updates


Workstation/Server Remote Access

Tech Lights



Copier (Stand Alone) Service MSP

Software Training for Core Products


AD Management

Advanced Domain Management


Identity Protection

VOIP not O365

3rd Party Application Administration


Penetration Testing Outside of MSP

Team Calling

Hardware Sales & Install

3rd Party

Sales: Installations

Installations of Products We Don't Sell

Regulatory Compliance

SOP Creation

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