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Decisions made during an ERP system implementation have global system implications. A change in one area of the software can affect others. Adhering to Epicor’s Signature Methodology ensures we do not encounter unintended consequences.

Our projects have ranged from 3 users to 3,000 users, single sites to multisite international companies, and across various industries. Our team members are all former Epicor users, able to configure every module and integration required. 

In order to have a successful implementation, or any ERP project, you need to have the right people guiding you. That’s where we come in. Our expert ERP consulting team has the experience to overcome the difficult challenges that an ERP implementation can render.

They have given EpiCenter an impeccable reputation in this area. We know how critical the ERP system implementation process is, and we have made this our top priority. When you choose EpiCenter, you choose the best ERP implementation experts.

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