Intelligent Payment Platform

minimize your effort and maximize your return

Transform Accounts Payable with Electronic Payments with NO changes to your Payable Process or your ERP

Streamline Payable
Better Manage
Business Spend
Mitigate Financial
and Compliance Risk
Generate Revenue from
Accounts Payable

The acompay™ intelligent platform handles 100% of your payments.​

With acompay™, accounts payable staff are completely freed from supplier onboarding and management, including their payment inquiries – saving valuable company resources and time.

Best-in-class security & performance practices ensure the highest standards, reliability & control.​

From supplier enrollment though transaction settlement, ACOM limits and protects access to supplier and accounts payable data.

Unlike banks, ACOM offers many more payment options, so more suppliers enroll.

And when payments are made through our virtual card network, buyers earn cash-back rebates directly from their supplier spend.

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