Tom Alexander

Director of Information Systems

Tom brings a unique set of skills to the EpiCenter team where he has joined the ranks of our Tools Consultants.  Cultivated by his time spent studying chemical and biomedical engineering at a prominent research institution, Tom’s problem solving abilities have allowed him to contribute significantly to customer projects despite entering the consulting world straight out of college.

From operating distillation columns to designing a hypothetical petrochemical plant to being a key leader of his fraternity, Tom’s past experiences inside and out of the classroom endow him with the capacity to work through problems of all kinds with poise and tenacity.  Tom is a strong communicator with a particular knack for technical writing and quality presentations.  He can relate to and work well with people on all ends of the spectrum.


  • With regards to Epicor, Tom is adept at BAQs, BPMs, Customizations, and SSRS / Crystal reporting in both Epicor versions 9 & 10.  He’s had previous programming experience in Java and MATLAB and has become proficient in SQL, C#, and Visual Basic since joining EpiCenter.

B.S. Chemical Engineering / Minor in Biomedical Engineering,

Cornell University