Eric Blackwelder

Eric Blackwelder

Eric is a software developer with a great all-around background in technology, as well as business operations management experience and knowledge. With that background, Eric understands the methodology behind any development work that he is doing and how it needs to be put together in order to fulfill the needs of the end user.

Eric works in Vantage 8 through to Epicor 10, in all aspects of the tool set, such as BAQ’s, BAM’s, BPM’s, Progress, and C#.


Eric’s development experience includes work with:
  • Python
  • .NET (C#, Visual Basic, Iron Python)
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Progress

Understanding how the “behind the scenes” work influences a system as a whole is extremely important, and is something that Eric focuses on taking care of. Ensuring that any customization work that is done to a customer’s Epicor system will enable that company to operate on an optimal level is the main focus for Eric, and our other programming staff.



B.S. in Operations Management– University of Massachusetts, Isenburg School-Amherst

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