Quality Control in Manufacturing: Cost vs Quality

A cost and quality secret: encouraging a quality mindset will decrease costs. Since most staff on the shop floor are dedicated, well-meaning team members, if they have a chance to give input, and it is reliably followed up on, then they feel that they are part of the team.

The Big Opportunity: Manufacturing in a Post-Pandemic World

The key to manufacturing resurgence in the United States will be applying the lessons learned from Mr. Deming and the Japanese market as well as producing products with excellent quality and lower costs. And, with the recent experience of the pandemic, now is the opportunity to make this happen. 

How do you change the new Epicor Kinetic Forms?

Epicor Application Studio will be the new way to customize Epicor Kinetic Forms with little to no coding required! Join us on Thurs. April 8 as we review the basics of using Application Studio and walk through a few Kinetic Form examples.