EpiPay Level 3 Payment Processing


 Is a highly secure method for Credit Card processing for Epicor 10 ERP®.

  • Significant savings on transaction fees with Level 3 and 2
  • The Only Epicor Card Processing engine which allows you to bring your own Merchant Account.
  • Not restricted to PayPal/PayFlow Pro

Why EpiPay?

  • EpiPay Level 3 offers significant savings on card processing transaction fees
  • is merchant account neutral, bring your own Merchant ID
  • is secure, uses tokenization, no card data is stored locally
  • plays nice with others – works with or without Epicor ESDM® can be used by Restricted Industries which can’t use PayPal/PayFlow Pro

What is Level 3 Interchange & Processing?

  • Interchange is the single largest component of a merchant’s discount rate and is collected and paid to the card issuing bank.
  • Level 3 Interchange rates apply to business, corporate, purchasing and GSA card transactions if Level 3 Data is included.
  • Level 3 Data is commonly found on an invoice, such as product/service descriptions, quantities and other details.
  • Level 3 processing refers to passing invoice level data when submitting the card sale transaction for settlement.


EpiPay insulates Epicor 10 from coming in contact with sensitive card data. By encrypting and storing card data in a central vault, processing risk is dramatically reduced. Your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance scope is also reduced, which pays off in lower validation expense.

communicate-epipayKeep Your Existing Merchant ID

EpiPay securely communicates with the merchant account of record and supports all major card brands. If you don’t yet have a merchant account, EpiCenter will help get that set up.

Distinctive Features:

Meets GSA government purchasing requirements, needed for aerospace & defense, firearms, and working with government subcontractors.

Can assign multiple cards to a customer (all secure).

Meets qualifications for incentive interchange rates for commercial B2B and GSA card payments.

Can process consumer, commercial and international card payments at lowest possible costs.

Meets Large Ticket Interchange guidelines.

Processes recurring and repeat payments.

Stores customer and payment profiles.

Includes transaction and monthly gateway fees, help desk and annual support.

Includes complimentary consulting on best practices, payment data analytics and savings analysis.

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